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Our agency offers a great amount of different excursions around Kiev and Kiev region. Advantages of our excursion programs are their riches and variety. Highly skilled tour guides will work with you. In the brief-case of our agency a lot of excursion themes to any taste. And we are ready to acquaint you with each of them.

All Kiev in 3 hours!

Kiev is the capital of independent Ukraine, one of the most important political, economic, scientifically cultural and educational and religious centers of Europe.
On the amount of population Kiev is among the 10 greatest cities of Europe. His historical fate is related to the great political and cultural events in Europe and represented in many age-old architectural monuments. 2148 objects of history and culture are located on the territory of Kiev.
Over 100 museums work in the capital. There are 33 theaters and theaters-studios, 53 cultural buildings, 140 libraries, 20 concert organizations and independent musical collectives, circus in Kiev. Kiev is a cradle of Slavonic civilization, one of the most beautiful world cities, picturesquely stretched on the Dnepr hills.
During this excursion you'll visit one of the most famous monuments of history in Kiev - the Golden Gates. They were build in 1037 by the Prince Yaroslav the Wise and served as a main entrance to the city until it grows beyond the city moll.
But, as many other monuments in Kiev, the Golden Gates were destroyed during the tatar-mongol raids. The Golden Gates were reconstructed in 1982 when Kiev celebrated 1500 years from its foundation.

Route: St. Vladimir's Cathedral, the National University, Opera House, Golden Gates, St. Sophia Cathedral, the Monument to Bohdan Zynoviy Khmelnytsky, St. Andrew's Church, St. Michael's Cathedrals, European square, Independent square, Mariyinskiy Palace, Park Vechnoy Slavy, Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra, Askold's Grave.

Duration: 3 hours.

By car 1-3 persons € 75
By microbus 4-10 persons € 90

Ancient Kiev

Sightseers will get acquainted with history of ancient city, which was the capital of the Old Russian state Kiev Russ which had a determining role in forming of the state system, cultures, speeches of east Slavonic nations, including Ukrainians.
A lot of monuments of history, architecture and ancient art are well preserved on the territory of Kiev. After visiting Golden Gates, Andrew's slope, Podol excursionists will find out how Kiev grew and developed, what kind of life Kievers lived long time ago, and what international relationships Kiev had in that ancient times.
The culmination of this excursion is visiting St. Vladimir Hill, where the Monument to Prince Vladimir is situated. The bronze 4.5-m statue of Prince Vladimir is set up on the 16-m cast-iron pedestal made in the form of a chapel in the pseudo-Byzantinesque style. Vladimir the Great in his princely mantle with a large cross in his right hand and the Great-Prince's cap in his left hand faces the Dnepr where, at the place of flowing the Pochaina River into the Dnepr, the Kievers were baptized at his behest. The pedestal bears a bas-relief showing a many-figured composition "The Baptism of Rus", representation of Archangel Michael, the star and the cross of the Order of St. Vladimir's and other decorative elements.

Route: Podol, Kiev-Mohyla Academy, Andrew's slope, St. Andrew's Church, St. Michael's Cathedral, the Monument to Prince Vladimir, Independent square, St. Sophia Cathedral, Golden Gates, St. Vladimir's Cathedral.

Duration: 2-3 hours.

On foot 1-10 persons € 45
By car 1-3 persons € 50
By microbus 4-10 persons € 60

The museum of Folk Architecture and Life "Pirogovo"

Situated right outside of Kyiv, Pirogovo consists of 6 parts, each representing a different region of Ukraine. It's basically a simulation of Ukrainian life from 16th century to this day. Ironically, the actual village of Pirogovo is right outside the 'fake' one, and life there has really been the same for centuries.
When the weather is nice Pirogovo is probably the best place to relax, take a walk and enjoy the peace so close to the city.
Various types of houses, churches and mills either brought from or constructed as originals from different regions of Ukraine. The construction of Pirogovo began only in 1969 but the look and feel of 17th and 18th centuries has been successfully recreated. Inside the houses there are usually souvenirs shops, in the churches you can see icons, old altars and other religious items.
There are several restaurants and cafes in the skansen as well as a shashlik place so you can rest and try all kinds of traditional Ukrainian food. The craftsmen have a little market there so you can look and buy away - handmade table cloths, embroidery, shoes, wooden kitchenware, accessories, sculptures, pictures, hats and more is on sale. You can also take a ride in a horse carriage.

Duration: 5 hours.

By car 1-3 persons € 125
By microbus 4-10 persons € 150

Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra

The Monastery of the Kiev Caves is an ancient underground cave monastery founded in 1051, located in Kiev, Ukraine. It is also known as the Kyivan Cave Monastery, the Kievan Monastery of the Caves, or Kievo-Pecherska Lavra. A major center of Orthodox Christianity in Kievan Russ', the monastery also serves as the residence of Metropolitan Vladimir, head of the autonomous Church of Ukraine.
In the underground passages, one may look at and worship the "imperishable relics of the most holy monks" displayed there in coffins standing along the walls. There are indeed dozens of mummies to be found in the Lavra catacombs.
The Far Caves were the first to appear and the Near Caves appeared several years later. The underground temples and corridors were dug by monks. Anchorets dedicated their lives to God and spend their lives in small niches branching off the main corridors. Kiev Lavra Caves contain 125 burials of many famous saints including the hollows of Wonder-Worker Moses. Cases of curing of pilgrims who stayed near the hollows are positively known. The Near Caves have the following underground churches: Antoniy's Church, Church of Leading of the Holy Mother into the Temple and Venerable Varlaam Church. The Far Caves contain Christmas Church, Venerable Pheodosiy's Church and Annunciation Church.

Duration: 3 hours.

By car 1-3 persons € 75
By microbus 4-10 persons € 90

St. Sophia Cathedral

St.Sophia's Cathedral is one of the biggest preserve-museums in Ukraine, which numbers more than 50 architectural monuments. Its collection contains a lot of original materials: archeological findings, architectural projects of ancient buildings etc. Wonderful frescos and mosaics, which adorn the Cathedral, have been executed with a unique technology and are of a great value.
St. Sophia's Cathedral was built XI century after Yaroslav the Wise had won a victory over Pechenegs' tribes. The cathedral was a residence of Kiev metropolitans and played the key role in Orthodox Russ destiny. This vivid example of the Old Russ monumental art had survived during the Tatar Mongol invasion and all the following wars. The cathedral interior has been preserving from the time of its foundation.
St. Sophia Cathedral is a real cultural treasury, which united pieces of ancient Ukrainian architecture, sculpture, painting, art of jewelry in a powerful chord.

Duration: 2 hours.

By car 1-3 persons € 50
By microbus 4-10 persons € 60

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