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If you're planing a visit to Ukraine, you should know that Edem-club can offer you the services of the highly-skilled interpreters, who will help you to get mutual understanding and great respect with your interlocutors. We will provide the right interpreter or interpreters for your needs depending on the subject matter, cultural considerations, and specific regional or specialized terminology.

Interpreting is spoken communication from one language to another. At this time we offer our services in the following language pairs:

- English / Russian - simultaneous and consecutive
- Russian / English - simultaneous and consecutive
- English / Ukrainian - simultaneous and consecutive
- Ukrainian / English - simultaneous and consecutive

Interpreting services include:

- Consecutive interpreting for trade-fairs or accompanying-assistants for business trips
- Consecutive interpreting for technical or business negotiations or meetings
- Interpreting over the phone
- Simultaneous interpreting
- Escort interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation

This is the most efficient mode of interpretation and, contrary to the popular belief, it is also the least expensive one. For this interpreting service the interpreter translates at the same time as the person who is speaking. It is the typical method used for conferences and congresses, when the speeches must be translated simultaneously into several languages.

Consecutive interpretation

This format is more applicable in meetings with a smaller number of participants, business negotiations. trade show tours, etc. The speaker is expected to stop after every two or three sentences letting interpreter translate his words.

Escort interpretation

Escort interpreters work alone and generally translate informal conversations as well as performing all around facilitator support by helping foreign visitors at airports, restaurants, hotel check-ins, accompanying them at city tours and shopping trips, etc.

Interpreting over the phone

You'll be able to make phone calls abroad using interpreters. Obviously, the consecutive method is used here.

  Per hour Per day (6 hours) Per day (10 hours)
Professional interpreters From € 15 From € 100 From € 160

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