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If you're planning a visit to Ukraine, you should refuse from using your phone number. There are many reasons for that. The first one is that roaming in Ukraine is extremely expensive. The second one is that the phone calls from your home country will still cost you as a roaming international call. The third but not the last is that in case of emergency you won't be able to make a local call. And it is not the whole list of such reasons. We advice you while being in Ukraine to rent a mobile phone with a local number. Edem-Club will provide you with it.

We offer you to choose any mobile phone you like. All our cell phones are small, modern and lightweight. They are easy in usage, and give the best fit to business men as well as simple tourists. Except cell phone we offer you a local SIM card and assistance on getting the best calling plans to call home.

The great advantage of local number is that all incoming calls are free of charge. If you're calling to any Ukrainian number or Ukrainian cell phone it will cost about 0.20€ per minute. As for international phone calls, the price will depend on a country you're making a call to.

Also we will give you information about all Ukrainian phone operators and will help you to choose the most suitable for you among them all. We will assist you in purchasing phone cards with the best international plans. So it will be convenient for you to make phone calls to any number you want.


Our price is 3€ per day.

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