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Visa-free regime is now available to citizens of USA, EU, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, the Principality of Andorra, Vatican, the Republic of Iceland, the Principality of Monaco, the Kingdom of Norway, Republic of San Marino, Japan and Canada. In all cases, a visa will be required if the stay in Ukraine is for more than 90 days.

Unfortunately we cannot provide Visa Support for some countries:

India, China, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Nigeria, Somalia, Congo and some spesial conditions for counties of Asia and Africa.
* For citizens India and China it is possible to do visas only to those people which earlier already had visas to Ukraine or the countries of the European Union.


- Ukrainain Consulate in some counties don't issue tourist visas at all - before contacting us please inquire with the Ukrainain Consulate in your country as on what exactly do you need to apply for Ukrainain visa.
- We don't make a decision whether to issue you visa or not - only the consulate can.

The full and updated list of all Ukrainian Embassies and Consulates abroad (official site of the Ministry of Foregn Affairs of Ukraine.

In the Ukrainian embassy receive the information on that in what kind they accept from you our invitation and the voucher. There is probably enough scan which we shall send you on e-mail or the original of the invitation and the voucher is required. In that case it is necessary for you to pay companies "DHL", "FedEx" or UPS. Delivery of documents (originals) from us on your address. Then to inform us the full post address, phone and the addressee of documents. Without this information we cannot send documents for you.


How to Understand your visa

1. Place of Ukraine visa issuance (Washington, D.C., New York, San Francisco or Chicago).

2. Traveler's visa to Ukraine is valid from this date. It reads Day-Month-Year. Thus, visa is valid from May 27, 2004.

3. Ukraine visa expiration date. Visa is valid until this date. It reads Day-Month-Year. Thus, visa is valid until November 27, 2004.

4. Ukraine Visa control number.

5. Number of entries to Ukraine.

  • single entry ukraine visa(1) - single entry Ukraine visa (one entry only).
  • single entry ukraine visa(2) - double entry Ukraine visa (no more than two entries).
  • single entry ukraine visa(M) - multiple entry Ukraine visa(unrestricted number of entries within visa duration).

6. Type of Ukraine visa:

  • type of visa to Ukraine - Diplomatic visa;
  • C (C-1, C-2, C-3) - Service visa;
  • type of visa to Ukraine - Ukriane business visa;
  • type of visa to Ukraine - Rescue service (workers) employees;
  • O - Student visa;
  • H - Scholar visa;
  • M - Visa for mass media representatives;
  • P - Religious visa;
  • type of visa to Ukraine - Humanitarian visa;
  • K - Cultural and Sport visa;
  • T - Ukraine tourist visa;
  • (-1, -2) - Private Ukraine visa;
  • IM (IM-1, IM-2) - Immigration visa to Ukraine;
  • O - Crew member visa to Ukraine(engaged in transportation);
  • TP (TP-1, TP-2) - Ukraine transit visa.

7. Traveler's last name in Ukrainian and English (as it appears on your passport).

8. Traveler's first name in Ukrainian and English (as it appears as on your passport).

9. Traveler's passport number.

10. Traveler's sex.

11. Traveler's date of birth.

12. Traveler's nationality.

13. Host in Ukraine.

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